2:22 am

and I am awake.  Wide awake.  Restless. Weird dreams.

I haven’t had weird dreams in months.  Anyone who knows me knows I typically always have weird dreams. Very weird dreams – on a constant basis.  Ever since I got pregnant – dreams stopped.  Now they are starting back up again.

I scheduled an accupuncture appointment for Tuesday.  The Dr. said to feel free starting September to do any accupuncture treatments to get things moving along.  That is all I really want.  I think I need to release some tension, some aprehension and then things will be under way.   Not a true induction by accupuncture but hell – it has been years since I’ve had accupuncture done and I miss it – so this will be a treat.

I’m going to go lie on the sofa, watch some 2am morning tv…and get it in my head that I don’t have to be back to work for 3 months.

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