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Happy Pictures

28 September, 2008

Yesterday we headed down to Powell’s Bookstore – the largest in the country.  LiDo did well for the most part – kind of fussy all day which stressed me out.  I couldn’t figure out what was going on with him – why he had a complete meltdown in the middle of the bookstore.  All in all though he did really well.

We also headed to the Rose Garden…very beautiful day yesterday.

Too cute for words…and check out the blanket – Lido’s Great-grandma made that.

Below: Us laughing at my Mom’s lack of photo skills…At least Lido looks good…

Grandma, Mom and Son/Grand-son…

Mom and Son…11 days old:

Funny thing about my Son…he talks/moans in his sleep…and makes little dog-like whimpering sounds…he reminds me of Maggie B when she has her doggy dreams…


The first day

28 September, 2008

spent with my kid by myself – is today.

I’m sad. 

My Mom left for KC this morning.  Dodo took her to the airport, which was probably best.  I don’t think I could have functioned the rest of the day.  Now I can just pretend she ran out to do errands…

i miss home.  Even more so now.

11 Days

27 September, 2008

It has been 11 days since you were placed in our arms.

11 days of staring at your face and memorizing all your little details.

11 days of being a family of 3.

And boy have you changed in those 11 days.  You seem different all of a sudden the last couple of days.  You are more alert and you are starting to look around and see the world.  You give us smiles already – and it isn’t because of gas.  You respond to us.  It has been a pretty amazing 11 days.  You love sleeping on your side – hate to sleep on your back.  You don’t flinch when Mom grinds her coffee beans or uses the espresso machine.  You fell asleep to the vacuum cleaner last night.  You’ve managed to poop when Dad is away leaving Mom with the first blow-out…thankfully your Granny B was here and helped with the bathtub.  You only cry when you need something or are working the poo out.  You sleep well at night.  You give us 3 hours at a time – which is just perfect.  We had our first outting as a family – and quite appropriately it was to a beer garden here in Portland.  You were perfect once again.  We only got flack from one woman for taking you out at 8 days old…at least we haven’t let you experience your first flight…(another pilot took his 6 wk. old in a Jet Ranger…I still think it is awesome!).  Mom had her first beer in over 9 months and didn’t fall over.  It tasted so incredibly good.  You are just a perfect child in all respects.  Yes you cry – but give you what you want and you are incredibly content.

Your Granny B leaves tomorrow and I have no idea what I am going to do.  It has been so nice to have someone to help out during the day.  I’m still recovering from your quick shoot out the exit gate…so, Babe, it may be a little rough the first couple of days…but I know we’ll make it through.

Besides – we are in KC about 4 weeks…We can’t wait!

More of our Liam Atticus

22 September, 2008

Liam Atticus

18 September, 2008

Our baby boy is here!

Liam Atticus was born September 16th at 11:09pm (pst).  Weighing a whopping 8lbs. 13oz. and 21.3 inches long!

It was a very long few days and I know there have been some anxious people out there…wanting to know what was going on and if we had the baby.  After a long labor – pushing lasted a whole of about 40 minutes.  He was a bit bruised by the sudden departure from his home for the last 9 months but it has already gone down…I already gave my kid a black and blue nose!

He is doing great – we only stayed at the hospital for about 18 hrs after delivery so it has been a bit of a whirlwind last night and today.

Thanks everyone for the support and we’ll tell more later!


13 September, 2008

for the airport to pick up my Mom.  Yea.  Maybe I’ll go into labor now.

What not to bring to your OB visit…

11 September, 2008

A 20 oz. latte. 

The women that were waiting were either judging me (the judging begins as a parent) or wanted to jump me and get their sticky little fingers on my coffee.

Seriously.  You should have seen the looks on the faces of these women.  I laughed really hard and enjoyed sipping my 20 oz. latte in front of them.

Seriously.  I may have 1 cup of coffee a day and my Doc says okay.  So quit reading the baby center blogs about how coffee will cause this and that. 

I could be doing crack.