Namely Broadway Cafe Coffee…that sweet sweet necter.  I’m having a husband made Broadway bean latte this morning on my first official day off…and it is wonderful.  I’m having a husband made Sleepy Monk bean latte…my second favorite in the coffee bean department. 

One thing though…I can’t order Broadway Cafe beans…why, why do you do this to me my Broadway Cafe?  I would have to lug another suitcase with me to KC in order to bring back the beans and I can only do this if I fly SW…

My friend Sa Rah had a post about a coffee house recently…and she mentioned something about the iced lattes…and those that order iced lattes…I must admit – that half the time, that is all I can stand around here.  Yesterday, I decided to order just a plain iced latte without my usual caramel in it…and it sucked ass. The beans were completely burned.  It was aweful. 

For a town that is supposedly known for it’s coffee…it sucks.  If we end up staying here, I am contacting the wonderful owners of Broadway Cafe and seeing if they would like to go coastal.  And, I’ll be adding a BBQ pit to one side of the coffee house….

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2 Comments on “Coffee”

  1. Tea!~ Says:

    Put in your order with me babe! I live next door to UPS! (& We’re at Broadway too much!)

  2. sa rah Says:

    this probably won’t make you feel better, but when I went to interview for a job at Broadway years ago, they saw DBC on my resume and said, Hey, that’s where we get our beans! And, i think you can order Dunn Bros online. Just comes in a diff package.

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