Am I naive?

Am I a naive person? Sometimes yes.  Am I too trusting of people? Hell no.  Probably just the opposite except apparently when it comes to professional business people. 

Yesterday I went to my accupuncture appointment.  I was definitely looking forward to it since I hadn’t been for about 3 years.  I show up for a 2:30pm appointment at 2:00pm because I figured I’d get lost a bit on the way (I did).  I walk in and a guy tells me that the girl that I was supposed to see is also a doula and had to go to a birth.  She didn’t have my cell and couldn’t call to reschedule but had asked him if he was available to see me if I wanted to opt for that.  He is also an accupuncturist and a ND.  I told him that I would go ahead and see him because I drove for about 30 minutes to get there and didn’t want to have a wasteful trip (due to gas prices, etc.)  So, we start the session.  He is an okay guy.  Lots of needles in my sacrum, some in my feet and that sweet sweet needle in between the eyes (third eye)…I love that one.  The session goes fine and actually I could feel some release in my sacrum – energetically speaking because I kept feeling like I could cry.

Session is done and I go up to pay and have my coupon book from the doula place where we hired our doula…and then mr. accupuncture nd man tells me that his rate is much higher than the other person’s rate that I was supposed to see…but since I didn’t know the situation that I was walking into that he would give me his “returning patient rate” of $110.  WTF.

First – all the work that you just did to me to release and relax, Mr. accupuncture nd man,  just flew out the fucking window.  You think that you are doing me a favor by charging me $30 more for this session because you are an ND? I didn’t drive over here from the other side of the city to get screwed.  I came for healing and help.  The fact that the other girl didn’t write down my number or keep it with her or whatever the hell she did with it isn’t my fault.  Taking the time to drive across the city and not waste gas or time so I opt to see you – you should have told me that one – you were much more expensive and two – that you would not take my measly 20% coupon either UP FRONT PRIOR TO ME SAYING THAT I WOULD GO AHEAD AND SEE YOU YOU SEEDY ASSHOLE. 

Seriously, give the facts straight up.  Don’t do this afterwards. 

And of course I also think – do I really have to ask these things.  Do I really have to keep track of questionning whether or not the price would go up because I am seeing someone else that is filling in for the person that I am supposed to be seeing?

I still think that it did some good.  Although I couldn’t quite figure out if I cried all afternoon/evening because of the treatment itself or the treatment of mr. accupuncture nd man who will get mega kicked in the ass by karma you little shit.

Actually, I think it was a little of both.  The hardest part of this pregnancy is feeling so disconnected from my old life.  Yes – I guess it is my old life but in that life I had friends to see and go out with, people that I had known for years.  Friends that would be at the hospital checking in on me.  I feel terribly alone and I know that I have just tried to sink those feelings down very deep.  Now, they are definitely surfacing – especially with all the sacral work he did yesterday.  Talk about full release. 

Feeling like this I can’t blame this kid for not wanting to come out any time soon.

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One Comment on “Am I naive?”

  1. sa rah Says:

    😦 aww. we’re with you in spirit, mama.

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