Baby Update

He has not arrived yet.

I am still where I was 3 weeks ago as far as all the wonderful dilation, etc. goes…and the fact that I am not having any contractions doesn’t help to get things moving along.  So, after my dr. appointment today she wanted me to go ahead and schedule when I would like to induce – but – the good thing is she isn’t pressuring me to do it next week but the week after…

I did go to another accupuncturist today and loved her.  Had a really great experience.  Totally zenned out and talked to the baby and told him that it was alright to come any time and to just tell my body to start having contractions so we can get the party started.  I had the feeling he was listening – maybe the only time in his life that he will ever listen to me…but at least it was this once.

My accupuncturist was a bit surprised about my energy level.  She initially asked me what my energy was like and honestly – I don’t feel the tiredness that most pregnant women at term say they feel.  I have energy to go around.  Then when she took my pulse – the way accupuncturists do – she was really surprised to feel the amount of energy flowing thru and stated that typically she doesn’t feel that much in pregnant women overall.  Kind of interesting…I’m sure all of that will change here soon. 

Interesting side note as well – at my dr. my blood pressure was 90/60…it is typically low anyway – usually 110/60 or 70 but 90/60…wow….go accupuncture.

We shall see if the “accupuncture to go” works as well.  2 little needles in my ear that I can keep there for 2-3 days and it is supposed to stimulate my uterus.  That is whayt we need – get the contractions going.

Good vibes.  Good vibes.

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