Car Wash Holy Man?

There is a car wash down the street.  The kind where you pay 25 cents a minute for the vacuum and $5 for the car wash run thru.  That is where the norm stops.  In addition to getting your car cleaned…it is either blessed or has a quick session of energy work done by one of the car wash people. 

I experienced this several months ago by, I believe (can’t remember exactly), a woman who was working there.  Today it was done by a man working there…He started at the front and just lightly touched the car and then did some kind of wavy hand thing.  Moved on to my side mirror and did the same thing.  Then to the side of the car…same wavy hand thing and then to the back of the car with more enthusiastic wavy hand thing.

I want to hook up a hidden blow-torch to my car so when I go back there and they do their Holy Car Wash thing I can have my car start spitting fire…or – I want to hook up a speaker that has a deep devilish voice that says something really spooky that comes from the hood…and then my car backfires with a hallucinogenic drug that makes them think my car is possessed – or they are.

Is this a new religious sect?  I thought they looked a bit Mormon with their crisp white shirts, black pants and black neckties with a black jacket.  I don’t think Mormon’s are into blessing cars though.

The name of the carwash is Kaddy Car Wash….but in my book it is now The Holy Kaddy Car Wash.

Should I be thankful or fearful?  I’m not sure.

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2 Comments on “Car Wash Holy Man?”

  1. sa rah Says:

    thankful – 5 bux for a car wash is cheap these days!

    btw, i heart this post! like a mofo.

  2. javagirl Says:

    I here ya…it gets the car relatively clean for 5 bucks…and I am all about relatively clean…Glad you like the post…

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