2 posts in 1 day…

Enjoy it while it happens. 

Thought I’d put some funny pictures out there…and of course recent belly shots.

First up – What I would look like pregnant without legs and only one full arm…

Next – me enjoying the deck and no makeup…check out the shawl – my Grandmother made it for me.  It has become my blankie…yes – I sleep with it.  Yes, I am in my 30’s.

Zenned out…my view.

We can’t fit all 3 of us into the pic…ahhh but Dodo is cute anyway…

Ahh…when will you come child?

Our Panda girl…her new perch so she can see us from outside on the deck….

Practicing our cloth diapering skills….she wasn’t happy.  Her tail was sticking through the top front…and twitching madly…I couldn’t stop laughing.  Look at the beady little eyes…

Dodo looks very evil in this pic…

Where I would like to be right now…

A forgotten pic of Yaya…

My other baby…

First Friday KC a couple of years ago, a little girl, a monkey, and balloons…

Ahhh…a trip in the present and the past…

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3 Comments on “2 posts in 1 day…”

  1. Esther Says:

    I love the pictures….Panda looked like she was having such fun and your belly – wow, it looks like you are ready any minute now!! Hope the little one comes on out to play very soon.
    Love ya,

  2. Ellen Says:

    Is he here yet? I am so excited for you! I love all the pictures – thank you! I have been thinking about you a lot and sending you LOTS of good vibes! 🙂 I wish I was there to be with you in the hospital like you were for me. Good luck! I am there with you in spirit!

  3. sa rah Says:

    I’m loving those pix. Yes, relaaaax. I remember the first time we met lidia was at first fri. but she was closer in age to the first pic.

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