Decisions Decisions

Yes – I know patience.  Patience it seems does not know me.

We had to go ahead and schedule a day to induce.  The funny thing is that we could only get times that started at midnight.  So midnight Sunday is the induce date.  15th is probably when we’ll see the bugger…That bothers me.  Dodo and I talked about it and we have, since the beginning, not wanted to induce or choose a date, etc.  Now we are in that position and I know if we do have to go thru with it (if he doesn’t show up on his own) we won’t care after he is here.  However, I’m feeling uber guilty. 

I feel guilty that I am making a date to induce.  I feel guilty because part of the reason is that I have only so much time off and if I go another week – well, that is one less week with the kiddo in my arms.  I feel guilty because this also affects our money as well – which we have had to scrimp and save like madmen for the past few months in order for me to take off more than a couple of weeks…now I’m lumping more of a medical bill on top of everything else.  I feel guilty because – these are the things on my mind. 

And then I get angry over the fact that so many other countries have some kick-ass maternity leave for women.  I should have moved to France.

Anyway, my Mom will be here Saturday.  That will make everything better.

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One Comment on “Decisions Decisions”

  1. sa rah Says:

    hmm. you may be on to something here. i’m pretty sure a ticket to France (or Sweden) is loads cheaper than a U.S. birth. Go socialist health care!

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