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So – I’m sure all of you remember my wonderful rant a few weeks ago regarding customer service or businesses in general that seem to want to screw you every time you turn around. 

Well – today I got back at one of them.  Our bank – one of the big banks of the horse and buggy line (you know who I am talking about).  For almost 2 years they have charged us weird charges every month.  We call and ask what the charge is, they apologize and take it off then the next month they charge the same charge to another account and it becomes this vicious cycle.  Anyway, we switched banks a couple of months ago and I had closed our accounts at this old wagon bank and they never got closed.  Then they charged these $12/mo charges to the accounts and then charged us overdraft fees for this $12 that we shouldn’t be charged in the first place.

I got a call this morning from them asking when I would like to take care of these overdrafts – and were very pushy about it.  I told them that I would take care of it when they got their shit together in the first place and hung up on them.  Got dressed and headed to the bank to yell at them in person. 

I walked out $50 bucks richer.

Here is another one for you.  I’ve ordered some cloth diaper covers, etc. from this online site that has some decent prices and are pretty fast for delivery.  I liked this site until a few days ago.  My SIL ordered us some diaper covers for the babe and I ended up exchanging a few for bigger sizes.  Upon reading how to do returns/exchanges it said to put a note on the receipt of what you want to exchange for and any other information they may need.  AND – they will charge you shipping – AGAIN.  Well, since my SIL purchased and paid for shipping and I was exchanging them, I wrote a note asking them to call me for my CC # to charge the shipping to.  They never called and shipped the new covers and charged my SIL’s credit card – again for shipping.  I called them back and asked that they refund her card and charge mine.  THEY GOT ALL SNIPPETY WITH ME ABOUT IT!  The woman told me that they were an online store and they had processes.  I told her that her process of charging if I have to do any refunds or exchanges was insane and that other mom and pop online places don’t charge for exchanges or returns.  I also told her that I wrote a note on the receipt in bold asking for a phone call.  She said that she didn’t understand the note.  I read it back to her “Please call me for my CC # so that shipping is charged to me not the person who purchased the items originally – cell #: XXXX”….then asked her what was so hard to understand about this?  She was still in a tizzy. 

What in the world?  First – if you are going to do things online – you better have your crap together.  Don’t charge me shipping for exchanges or refunds.  That is just good biz practice – especially when you insist that the items be returned in their original packaging.  THIS PART CONFUSED THE HELL OUT OF ME….Their original packageing consisted of diaper covers in a plastic bag then put in a shipping envelope.  I seriously thought that I may have to ship the envelope and the plastic bag back…The plastic bag had no logo, etc. to show that it was original packaging.  The diaper covers were just crammed in there.  It took me 2 months to decide to just send it back in the plastic bag and veto the envelope. 

Don’t ask me to do all of these things and then charge me essentially 3 times for shipping.  And don’t be rude to me. 

Needless to say – they will not get any more of my business.  And that sucks because I was pleased…until a few days ago.

And by the way – no baby yet.

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