Dodo says…

At this rate we won’t have the kid until October.

My sentiments exactly.  Seriously.  If we don’t induce on Sunday/Monday…when would this kid come? 

Went to the doc this morning…great start all around.  Apparently they are working on the pipes to our building and decided to shut the water off at 8am.  Who the hell shuts off water at 8am…maybe not all people get out of bed prior to 8am.  So I ended up going into the doc’s with fuzzy teeth and an unwashed face.  Luckily took a shower last night after my swim…

Doc said that the baby’s head is a little lower than last week and I am a big whopping .5 cm more dialated.  Progress people.  Progress.

Then she educates me on what will happen on Sunday/Monday and how it will likely be a very slow process, etc. And if we get to a certain point and the baby just won’t fit through – we’ll have to do a c-section. 

Me: “So how big do you think he is?”  Doc: “Probably a good 8lbs.”  Me: “Good meaning 8lbs 3oz good or good meaning 8lbs but could be 9lbs?”  Doc: “Well, it is hard to say”

I’m screwed.

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One Comment on “Dodo says…”

  1. sa rah Says:

    Well at least his bday won’t be sept 11. bebe shares her bday with Bin Laden. Altho i guess most people don’t know that. But wiki it. and I recommend Wikiing your baby’s bday. It was a fun source of possible names/middle names.

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