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A week here

30 October, 2008

and I desparately want to move back.  We have been going since we touched down Friday and are not stopping anytime soon.  In ways I feel like the constant go go go is due to wanting to get in as much as possible and to soak up all the friends and activities I can before going back to my life in Portland. 

I feel less stressed back here.  Going somewhere does not involve my GPS, leaving an hour early due to traffic, getting lost and not being able to find a coherent way to get back to where I want to be…I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders – and I have been early to everything (well, almost everything). 

We are headed to western KS today to my Granparents.  We will be seeing relatives that I probably didn’t know existed as it is their 60th wedding anniversary.  It will be fun to see all the family and show off LiDo.

Talk about a good baby!  I can’t get over it.  He has enjoyed being passed around and held and meeting all these new faces.  And he hasn’t stopped changing.  He is cooing a lot more – smiling really really big…it is wonderful.


Facing the Facebook

21 October, 2008

What is it about Facebook?  I am admittedly somewhat addicted.  I love looking at the photos of other people and hearing about what they are doing that day or feeling at that moment looking into other people’s lives.  At the same time though – this is a very sick product. 

It isn’t as if you can post anything long on there – nor would you want to.  You are limited to a few sentences and you should probably shy away from anything too controversial…You are tracked down by old high school people that you went to school with (even middle school and grade school)…And all of you know that the only reason that you want to see ANYONE that you currently do not keep in touch with from high school is to see what they look like and what they are doing.  It is legal stalking…

I have been a facebook attendee for 2 weeks now…I’m still trippin’ out.

By the way – I hooked up with (not in the dirty sense) a couple of girls I played volleyball in college with and we are all in town at the same time and getting together for coffee….wow – I haven’t seen these chicks in years (9 or 10 to be exact!) and I was in one of the girl’s wedding!  Facebook has proved to be interesting…

Smile Pics

19 October, 2008


19 October, 2008

My child is actually smiling…he has given us glimpses since he was born…but now he is truly smiling and gets tickled when I touch his mouth with his blanket…or breaks into a big grin being held and looking at Dodo or I…amazing.

I totally agree with something that I read in one of my “parenting” books…quite possibly the only thing I have agreed with whole-heartedly…Baby’s smile from birth and it isn’t gas.  They have “inner” smiles and “outer” smiles.  The “inner” smile comes and goes in sleep or when they are falling asleep or waking up.  It tells you that all is right with their world – they are happy.  The “outer” smiles happen when they see your face or they enjoy something soft on theirs.  Smiles in young infants are not just because they have gas!

So – my baby’s outer smile is coming out and it is fantastic!

Things I have learned

15 October, 2008

My dearest little boy,

You are 4 weeks old.  I can’t believe that we have already been through 4 weeks of diaper changes, feeding and most importantly sleeping with you.  Well, the sleeping part is mostly all you as I have yet to figure out how to sleep when you are sleeping.  I have learned a few things though.

I have learned that you do not wake to the sound of the vaccuum cleaner or the espresso machine.  The latter is most important as I don’t think I would have survived the last 4 weeks without coffee…well, I typically can’t survive a normal day by myself without coffee let alone a small baby…

I have learned that I can make espresso while holding you.  It is one of the many things that I can now do one handed…I can also get the little plastic film off of the microwave dinner that is nearly impossible to get off with two hands.  But you have a Mommy that is very talented…

I have learned that you fit into our family like you have always been here.  I have learned that life slows to an almost standstill and that things, appointments, showers and coffee can wait if you need me.  I have learned that you don’t really like going to sleep but don’t fight it too much.  Just as long as you are in someone’s arms (preferably Mommy or Daddy’s) you will fight a little but then go right to sleep.  I have learned that you grunt like crazy when you poo…I tend to get worried that you are going to revolt pooing later in life.  You seem to hate it now…well, Mommy hates it now too – at least you don’t have to drink the prune juice.

I have learned that there are many different opinions out there about parenting, diapering, breast-feeding, etc. that people are all too eager to tell you…telling is one thing but making you feel like their way is the only way or you are a bad parent…well, I have found that my instinct is the best parenting that I can give you.  I have learned that I love holding you.  Even when I feel like I need to get things done around the house – I love holding you.  I wrap you on me and carry you around and you are so content.  You are a very good baby. 

You did give us a scare last week and stopped breathing. We had to take you to the hospital and you were poked and prodded and that was the worst of it all.  You hated it and were in pain through some of it and it just broke my heart.  You were so upset that it wasn’t crying…I don’t know what it was but I never want to hear it again. 

I find my heart breaks a lot these days.  My heart breaks when you cry.  My heart breaks when you give me a great big smile.  It breaks when I think how much you have already grown.  Most of the time they are good heart breaks…they tell me that I am a Mother and I have you.

You are smiling a lot more and when you do your entire face just lights up.  You recognize your Daddy and me and follow us with your eyes.  I just can’t get over how quickly you have grown. 

I don’t think that we have scarred you too much during these first 4 weeks but just in case I have started to put money away for you.  You can either use it for therapy or a trip to Europe after you graduate.  Either one…I may need to think about putting some money aside for myself.  I may need the therapy…

I have learned that I can do this.  I have learned that you have two parents that communicate pretty darn well with each other and this has set us up to be able to handle this change because even though we worked hard for you and anticipated the change – it is still a big change! 

Darling little boy – please don’t grow up too fast…

Your Mommy

LiDo Sunday…

12 October, 2008

Thinks my nose is a nipple…thank heavens not…that would be embarrassing…

“I crush your head”….

Giving the puffy Angelina Jolie lip look…or Zoolander as Dodo says…

Proud Pappa

There should be a cat and a baby somewhere in between the piles of blankets…


8 October, 2008

I think that I will move away from any topic of religion today…and instead talk about…well, hell – I have no idea. 

All I know is that never before have I felt more surrounded and accepted for a possible differing opinion or way to approach something by my family.  I love the fact that my Grandfather has been researching baptism for the last several months.  I love the fact that other family, even if they do have a different take, have still been supportive.  Even though that this baptism “situation” will in time iron itself out and will include my wants and desires for my son as well as the Church’s wants and desire’s of my son.  In any relationship – any – there must be a little give and take and compromise.  As long as you are not comprimising your belief or values. 

So – people – why the hell didn’t I get more comments on my post about MALE BREAST CANCER.  You flippin’ idiots!  Take a look out there and tell me – shout it out to me – that you are educating the men in your life about this…baptism won’t mean a thing if you don’t check your boobies!