3 Years Man!

Happy Anniversary to us!  It has been 3 years of marriage and about 5 years of togetherness and 13 years of knowing each other and keeping tabs!

It was one great party!

In other news – LiDo has gained 1lb 4 oz and as of Monday was 9lbs 11 oz….and we measured him last night and he is a little over 22 inches long…What the hell?  Doesn’t this kid know that I don’t want him to grow up too fast?  I can’t believe how much he has changed in TWO FLIPPIN’ WEEKS!!

In order to celebrate our anniversary we headed out to the coast yesterday.  It was LiDo’s first trip to the coast (obviously) and he was very cooperative.  It was just the right amount of drive to the destination – and then hunger. 

Dodo captured this great shot of clouds rolling in from the coast over the coastal mountain range.  It looked like a big tidal wave – it was awesome looking. 

It was a bit cool and dreary once we reached Pacific City…so we walked for a bit….took some pics….

Then hit Pelican Pub for some delicious chowder!

Recent pic of our LiDo

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3 Comments on “3 Years Man!”

  1. Granny B Says:

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY kids! Looks like you had a wonderful time on the coast and i’m very jealous not to have any of the clam chowder. He is growing so much already and I can see the changes in his face. Can’t wait to see you all in 22 days!

  2. jdoublep Says:

    happy anniversary! Three years of married bliss. What a beautiful family to show for it, too.

  3. John Terry Says:

    3 years?! Seems like it was only 3 years ago. Good looking kid, glowing parents. Looks like both of you. The reason for living? Love and kids. HA (late). JT & RT.

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