Who knew…

That within 5 days of my Mom and I going thru LiDo’s clothes and separating all the “wear know” and “wear soon” that we are most likely going to have to skip over all the “wear know” and go directly to “wear soon”. 

Last night after a warm bath I was going to put him in a sleeper that he had worn – oh maybe 3 days earlier…it was a stretch.  I figured that his legs could be bunched underneath him for a night just to get one more use out of the thing!  I’m taking pictures of him today next to something…maybe a teddy bear…to chart his growth a little more.  My lord child! 

Throughout the pregnancy he was right on track (or we were) in regards to “milestones”.  He seems to be keeping up with this…he has the 3rd week baby acne thing happening…Hopefully it will be cleared up by the time we are in KC.  I wanted to get pictures done at Phoenix Photography (John and Lisa Rock!) – so he either gets them with his first breakout or not…

Dodo took over feeding duty last night…ahhh blissful sleep! 

Check out these photos of the Panda Cat….I was thinking that she would slide down the steps…but no such luck…

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