I think that I will move away from any topic of religion today…and instead talk about…well, hell – I have no idea. 

All I know is that never before have I felt more surrounded and accepted for a possible differing opinion or way to approach something by my family.  I love the fact that my Grandfather has been researching baptism for the last several months.  I love the fact that other family, even if they do have a different take, have still been supportive.  Even though that this baptism “situation” will in time iron itself out and will include my wants and desires for my son as well as the Church’s wants and desire’s of my son.  In any relationship – any – there must be a little give and take and compromise.  As long as you are not comprimising your belief or values. 

So – people – why the hell didn’t I get more comments on my post about MALE BREAST CANCER.  You flippin’ idiots!  Take a look out there and tell me – shout it out to me – that you are educating the men in your life about this…baptism won’t mean a thing if you don’t check your boobies!

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2 Comments on “On…”

  1. Ellen Says:

    Say it again sister!!!!

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