My child is actually smiling…he has given us glimpses since he was born…but now he is truly smiling and gets tickled when I touch his mouth with his blanket…or breaks into a big grin being held and looking at Dodo or I…amazing.

I totally agree with something that I read in one of my “parenting” books…quite possibly the only thing I have agreed with whole-heartedly…Baby’s smile from birth and it isn’t gas.  They have “inner” smiles and “outer” smiles.  The “inner” smile comes and goes in sleep or when they are falling asleep or waking up.  It tells you that all is right with their world – they are happy.  The “outer” smiles happen when they see your face or they enjoy something soft on theirs.  Smiles in young infants are not just because they have gas!

So – my baby’s outer smile is coming out and it is fantastic!

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