Facing the Facebook

What is it about Facebook?  I am admittedly somewhat addicted.  I love looking at the photos of other people and hearing about what they are doing that day or feeling at that moment looking into other people’s lives.  At the same time though – this is a very sick product. 

It isn’t as if you can post anything long on there – nor would you want to.  You are limited to a few sentences and you should probably shy away from anything too controversial…You are tracked down by old high school people that you went to school with (even middle school and grade school)…And all of you know that the only reason that you want to see ANYONE that you currently do not keep in touch with from high school is to see what they look like and what they are doing.  It is legal stalking…

I have been a facebook attendee for 2 weeks now…I’m still trippin’ out.

By the way – I hooked up with (not in the dirty sense) a couple of girls I played volleyball in college with and we are all in town at the same time and getting together for coffee….wow – I haven’t seen these chicks in years (9 or 10 to be exact!) and I was in one of the girl’s wedding!  Facebook has proved to be interesting…

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