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Something New

23 November, 2008

A group of friends and I have started, via email at first, a little cheer on support group.  The support we need..well, that differs between all the ladies.  Most of us are looking to lose some weight (the neverending saga) but we are also focusing on budgeting our money and our time.  We all come from different walks of life, age and possibly political affiliations…which makes everything all the more interesting.  It is a great avenue to share our thoughts and ideas and now we are going to follow and support each other (under assumed names of course) here.  Come check us out and cheer us on…



21 November, 2008

I am attending a wine tasting tomorrow morning at 10am….

After that, I will be attending 3 or 4 others.

After that, I will be passed out on my sofa.

After that, I will be a much happier person.

I’m just excited to be doing something very Oregonian…that involves dressing up and hanging out with the girls.  It is going to be so terribly fun.  YEA!

So it has been my first week back to work.  Okay Okay…I know you are not supposed to even mention work on your blog…and the only thing I will say is that I was sitting in a meeting after 2.5 months of being gone and it was as if I had gone on a 1 day vacation.  Same discussion.  EXACT same discussions going on.  I kid you not.  I thought I was in a dream…which happens quite often these days even while I’m not at work….wow.  I am glad to be back though.  I really like the people that I work with (and I’m not just saying that to cover my butt for those that do know my blog address)….

Anyway – back to work.

Dodo did something very funny yesterday.  He is going to kill me for posting it.  But hell – I’ll take the beating that I’m going to get.

Picture this: Dodo’s first full day with the kiddo.  I request a work sighting which is obliges to.  We have lunch they leave and go on to the grocery store…

Do you have any idea where I’m going with this?


Well, it isn’t as bad as you may be thinking…

He puts the keys in the baby bag, gets the baby out of the car (yea) and heads on into the grocery store.

He comes back out to the car and remembers that he decided that it wasn’t necessary to bring the baby bag in with him…thus locking the keys in the car.

So now picture this:  Dodo with groceries and a baby in a car seat.  Groceries, baby and car seat are in a grocery cart.  House is a couple of blocks down the street.

How do you get home in this scenario?

You steal the grocery cart.  DODO FRICKIN’ STOLE A GROCERY CART!  Not that this is strange in our neck of the Oregon woods…but can you just see him having to cross a very busy street with groceries and a baby in a car seat.  What cracks me up is that he was well dressed and carrying a baby in a peg perrego car seat non-the-less…not your usual homeless guy.

Don’t give him too hard of a time for this one.  I know he felt really bad about it.  I thought it was really funny.  I was just glad he didn’t lock the kid and the keys in the car.

More of our week

9 November, 2008

LiDo slept like a pro on the plane…in his comfy moby.  How content.


Dad and Son on the plane.  Need sleep?


Happy baby.


Big Sis having fun on her princess bed.


Bath time.  LiDo just watched her the entire time…he was fascinated by her.


Pumpkin picking – and this was a really big pumpkin by the way.  I couldn’t believe she picked it up…


Yaya and PK (my cousin’s daughter so my 2nd cousin)  They had a great time – as long as we kept track of PK…


Niko and LiDo…totally cute.


Playing pass the baby…


Two of my girls and LiDo


You’ll be great….


Part of the gang…


I can’t get enough of this picture!


S & H and Us.


We left a very generous gift in my mom’s office…it was quite flavorful…



Girls celebration…A GREAT CELEBRATION!!




At home in PDX on a blanket his Great Aunt R made…Thanks!!  We LOVE it!


A portion of the week in Review

5 November, 2008

We are back in Portland.  Not a place that I have the heart to call home.  Especially after this last trip home.  We have been here for 2 years…and each trip back home has held it’s own sadness upon leaving.  This trip however, well, I just felt very relaxed.  I felt relaxed and a weight off my shoulders because I happened to know where I was going and didn’t have to depend on my GPS.  I felt relaxed because I just love fall in KC.  I felt relaxed because – well – I just did.

We had a fantastic and very busy week.  Of course once again too many people to see and too many things to do.  A very good reason to just move back!

Here are some pics from the trip…I’ll of course be posting more.  I haven’t gotten around to downloading our camera shots.

Our Yaya (Big Sis now) and LiDo.


Not sure what is happenning in this pic…but I assure you LiDo is not in pain…


The three kids at my Grandparents house:


LiDo would just stare and smile at Yaya all week…How cute is this???


Tank (The Godfather and his Wife LWren – Godparents) & the Pastor at LiDo’s baptism October 31, 2008.  LiDo shared the day with his Great-granparents who celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary the same day.  Plus thought it would be good to have a sacrament of the church done on a pagan holiday.  Keeps things interesting.


Nanna, LiDo & Me


Godparents, Parents & LiDo


The crazy ladies and my son…


The Parents


The Great-Grandparents


Parents, God-parents, Grandma’s, Great-Grandma & Grandpa, Great Aunts & Uncles, Great-Great Aunts & Uncles & Big Sis