A portion of the week in Review

We are back in Portland.  Not a place that I have the heart to call home.  Especially after this last trip home.  We have been here for 2 years…and each trip back home has held it’s own sadness upon leaving.  This trip however, well, I just felt very relaxed.  I felt relaxed and a weight off my shoulders because I happened to know where I was going and didn’t have to depend on my GPS.  I felt relaxed because I just love fall in KC.  I felt relaxed because – well – I just did.

We had a fantastic and very busy week.  Of course once again too many people to see and too many things to do.  A very good reason to just move back!

Here are some pics from the trip…I’ll of course be posting more.  I haven’t gotten around to downloading our camera shots.

Our Yaya (Big Sis now) and LiDo.


Not sure what is happenning in this pic…but I assure you LiDo is not in pain…


The three kids at my Grandparents house:


LiDo would just stare and smile at Yaya all week…How cute is this???


Tank (The Godfather and his Wife LWren – Godparents) & the Pastor at LiDo’s baptism October 31, 2008.  LiDo shared the day with his Great-granparents who celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary the same day.  Plus thought it would be good to have a sacrament of the church done on a pagan holiday.  Keeps things interesting.


Nanna, LiDo & Me


Godparents, Parents & LiDo


The crazy ladies and my son…


The Parents


The Great-Grandparents


Parents, God-parents, Grandma’s, Great-Grandma & Grandpa, Great Aunts & Uncles, Great-Great Aunts & Uncles & Big Sis



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