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Pictures and not much else…

30 December, 2008

I know – this whole blog has turned into “don’t you want to see pictures of my son?”.  Oh well – live with it…

Lido’s first Christmas…


I dub thee Sir Panda…


Lido’s first present…from Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa…


My first picture with MY NEW CAMERA!!



Look at the red haze of hair…who do you think he looks like now bia!(#&….


Yes – definitely looks like Dodo in this next one…I know.








7 beautiful inches

21 December, 2008

And no I’m not talking dirty.

I’m talking about the great snow we are having here in Portland.  The Gorge is shut down completely due to 50 mph winds and snow drifts.  Our streets are completely covered and the trees covered.  The news made a big story about how workers came out to find that their windshield wipers were FROZEN TO THE WINDOW.  Holy shit. Can you believe it.  FROZEN TO THE WINDOW.  Some other workers though were smart enough to flip the wipers up off of the windshield…so they didn’t have FROZEN WIPER BLADES!  The funny thing is – we went to Target earlier today and there were a whole line of cars with their blades pointing up…I thought someone had played a joke and was going around flipping windshield wipers up off of windows.  I’ve never even thought about doing this.  I figured that was one of the reasons for a defroster. 

It is kind of crazy here with this much snow.  Unfortunately (or fortunately), they just don’t get that much around here.  So, there are no snow plows or anything of the kind.  You are required to carry chains and at times of late they have made it mandatory that you chain up on the highways and some of the roadways.  Ugh – ya – forgot to pick up chains for the car. 

Like I said – we made it to Target and then I made it by myself to the grocery store where I ran into a girl who went to K-State.  Funny seeing a wildcat in the grocery store.  We started talking and we were laughing about the snow and the fact that this was nothing compared to KC standards (or anywhere else for that matter).  But when you get a snowfall like this every 10 years or so – I wouldn’t invest in snow plows either. 

I am thankful though that I am able to work from home.  Think of all of those people that can’t and are stuck at home for the next month as Portland digs itself out of this snow.

Month 3

15 December, 2008

My Dearest LiDo,

You are 3 months old today and you are right in the midst of your first cold.  You are still a pretty happy baby and smiling most of the time while coughing up a lung.  The past couple of days have been rougher for you and you are coughing all the time so now when you cry you sound like you been pulling all-nighters and smoking too much…it is a pathetic horrible sound and I feel so bad for you. 

You have changed so much in the past month.  I can’t believe the things you are doing.  You have been grabbing and batting at toys for the past few weeks.  You smile and grin every time your Daddy or I walk in the room.  You have learned to roll over from your front to your back and I swear you were about to roll from back to front if you could just get that arm out of the way. 

Your giggle.  It is amazing.  You are just on the brink of a full out belly laugh and it can’t be any cuter or lovelier.  You love to pet MaggieB and Panda has decided that you are okay and you’ll be sticking around so she has let you pet her.  I imagine it is more because she doesn’t get much from us anymore. 

You have been out in the snow – albeit to a Dr.’s appointment but nonetheless you were out in it.  Quite a snow it is here in Portland.  Highways have been shut down and chains required on your tires – us midwesterners think the whole thing is funny…

Your first Christmas is coming.  My first Christmas with you is coming.  It still seems like yesterday that you arrived but feels like you’ve always been a part of us.  There are things that we are still getting used to like planning for things – having to think about getting a babysitter for you.  We also have come to realize that we need a night out ourselves with friends.  We have been so focused on you and getting the hang of all of this that we need to remember that we are not only parents to you but lovers to each other.  It is hard my darling little child – the balance of work, parenting and a relationship all the while trying to keep it healthy and happy and full of laughter.  It is all worth it though.  It opens up a whole new dimension that is hard to describe. 

Right now I hear you cry because you don’t feel good…it is hard to keep typing but I know you need to have your Daddy take care of you a bit too. 

You are just a wonderful child and growing way too fast.  I keep looking at pictures of you when you were first born thinking how amazing it all is.  How quickly you have shown your personality.  You are going to be a great and fun little kid.  Right now though, please stay my wonderful baby for a little longer.

The best thing that you have started doing over the past few days of not feeling good is that you want to be held on my shoulder and you nuzzle your little face in my neck and wrap your little arms around me and stick your fingers up into my neck.  Sometime you grab my hair but it is the nuzzling that I love so much and feeling your body relax as you get closer and closer to me.  These moments I love – even though you don’t feel very good.

When you smile your entire face lights up – and lights up my entire life.

I love you my dear little boy.  Happy 3 month Birthday.


Your Mom



14 December, 2008

‘Tis the season of company holiday parties. 

‘Tis the season of snowflake sweaters, christmas tree jumpers and skanky looking women.

You have to love the parties.

Oh – and add karoake to the mix.  Ahhh good times.  Good times.

Obviously we left early. Enjoyed ourselves.  I got to see some people that I hadn’t seen in a long time but overall well, it was lacking. The food was good and the libations free – which says something since most companies are not doing anything.

Now we have mine to go to.  It is a on a boat.  There is no escape.  I think I’ll try and at least find some holiday stockings?  Maybe? Yes? No?  I won’t go as far as the holiday jumper (for the non-brits or people not currently working with or around brits to start calling everything by their ‘brit’ name  –  jumper = sweater)


11 December, 2008

much much tiredness around here the past several days. 

it all started with that quad latte that i felt i must have at 3:45pm in between my 2pm and 4pm meetings. quad. what was i thinking?

that night i was up until way past midnight and i’ve been exhausted ever since. now i feel like crap…cold…flu…what will it be.  and i’ve slowly realized that if this sickness becomes any more than it already is well, i’ll have to get over it while taking care of a baby.  the thought of that…it sucks.  i guess i’m also realizing that we are it.  if we are sick…well…we are it.

plus work is kicking my ass right now. 

but here is a bright spot….Grabbing and pulling and overall just enjoying…pict0424

Trying to figure out what is on his head!


Asleep sitting up…


My view of life…..


Say Anything…

7 December, 2008

I don’t have much to say.

LiDo has a cold so we are relaxing and taking it easy today.  I find myself trying to rush around and clean and do laundry on my days home and try and throw in getting my car tagged and titled into the mix…However, last night when we got home I made it a point to declutter so that I didn’t have to do it today.  Instead I will just hang out, possibly clean the desk off (really really needs it) and watch horrible tv. 

I have decided to go back 5 days a week this next week.  We need the money so that we can pay off our debt in the allotted time we have given ourselves.  It will be a good feeling when that is accomplished.  Plus I’ve recently (as of yesterday) gotten a hair up my ass to buy an Audi.  Used of course but still…and I want to pay cash for the majority of it.  So this is my goal.  I hope to reach it in the near future.

I really don’t have much more to say…

I could talk about how parenting has changed me…but with a snotty nosed child in your arms…well, that is hard to do.  I guess I could say that has changed.  I used to not have a snotty nosed child in my arms.

I’m off to do nothing today.  To make my grocery list…shop later…and watch some Sunday tv movies.  Ahhhh.  Thank you LiDo for having a snotty nose and wanting to be held all day.  I love you for many things and today this is one of them.

Pics because I have nothing to say

3 December, 2008