much much tiredness around here the past several days. 

it all started with that quad latte that i felt i must have at 3:45pm in between my 2pm and 4pm meetings. quad. what was i thinking?

that night i was up until way past midnight and i’ve been exhausted ever since. now i feel like crap…cold…flu…what will it be.  and i’ve slowly realized that if this sickness becomes any more than it already is well, i’ll have to get over it while taking care of a baby.  the thought of that…it sucks.  i guess i’m also realizing that we are it.  if we are sick…well…we are it.

plus work is kicking my ass right now. 

but here is a bright spot….Grabbing and pulling and overall just enjoying…pict0424

Trying to figure out what is on his head!


Asleep sitting up…


My view of life…..


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3 Comments on “tiredness”

  1. sarah Says:

    check him out with the pulling on the play gym! I guess I’m thinking ‘Already?” but jeez he’s already 3+ mos. and lucky you that it doesn’t piss him off to lay on his back for the play gym. Neither of mine were too into that.
    I want to cuddle him! Aw. I want a third. 🙂

    • javagirl Says:

      He’ll be 3 months on the 16th and he’s been pulling on this for a few weeks now. I’ve gotten him to where he will grab his bottle and hold the bottom part. Next – driving a car….

  2. Tea~ Says:

    Ahhh! A fireplace! This is the only reason why I miss D’s Olathe house… I think we would have MUCH more family time if we had one.

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