7 beautiful inches

And no I’m not talking dirty.

I’m talking about the great snow we are having here in Portland.  The Gorge is shut down completely due to 50 mph winds and snow drifts.  Our streets are completely covered and the trees covered.  The news made a big story about how workers came out to find that their windshield wipers were FROZEN TO THE WINDOW.  Holy shit. Can you believe it.  FROZEN TO THE WINDOW.  Some other workers though were smart enough to flip the wipers up off of the windshield…so they didn’t have FROZEN WIPER BLADES!  The funny thing is – we went to Target earlier today and there were a whole line of cars with their blades pointing up…I thought someone had played a joke and was going around flipping windshield wipers up off of windows.  I’ve never even thought about doing this.  I figured that was one of the reasons for a defroster. 

It is kind of crazy here with this much snow.  Unfortunately (or fortunately), they just don’t get that much around here.  So, there are no snow plows or anything of the kind.  You are required to carry chains and at times of late they have made it mandatory that you chain up on the highways and some of the roadways.  Ugh – ya – forgot to pick up chains for the car. 

Like I said – we made it to Target and then I made it by myself to the grocery store where I ran into a girl who went to K-State.  Funny seeing a wildcat in the grocery store.  We started talking and we were laughing about the snow and the fact that this was nothing compared to KC standards (or anywhere else for that matter).  But when you get a snowfall like this every 10 years or so – I wouldn’t invest in snow plows either. 

I am thankful though that I am able to work from home.  Think of all of those people that can’t and are stuck at home for the next month as Portland digs itself out of this snow.

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