Cha Cha Chia Pet

Dodo got me a Chia Pet for xmas…not just any Chia Pet…a Scooby Doo Chia Pet.

Every year around the holidays is when the good ol’ Chia Pet commercial come out.  This year I got one.

I’m not quite sure about it. 

It was rather disgusting putting it all together.  First, they tell you to use x-amount of seeds and x-amount of water and warn you that you will not use all of this for your Chia Pet.  I was kind of wondering why they wouldn’t change the directions so that you use a smaller amount or were they leaving out something?  Should I be using the left-over seeds for something else? 

So – you are to soak the seeds and they form a kind of gel like substance.  This is disgusting.  You end up with something that resembles….well….here is a picture:


And here is my Chia Scooby Doo Pet:


And here is my other Chia Pet….







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2 Comments on “Cha Cha Chia Pet”

  1. Cayce Says:

    JIMINY!!! he’s a freakin carbon copy!!!!!
    add some curly hair, and i’d be confused!! hehe
    you all look soooo happy!!
    and boy, is he a smiler!

  2. josh steiber Says:

    please sign up for chia art contest


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