So Yaya is totally into Groovy Girls.  She is so into them that while she was on the bed playing with them she forgot she was on the bed and ended up toppling off the bed…she wasn’t hurt and unlike her she got up very quickly and brushed the dust off, wiped the tears off and went back to playing.

I love the fact that she is into them.  She talks to them and makes up stories.  The whole pretend thing is going on – which I am so sad I am missing that part of her life.  I was looking forward to seeing much more of that. 

I happened across 2 very large bags of Groovy Girl items at a consignment shop and got a really great deal on them.  We finally got them shipped off and apparently when they arrived and the box was opened she shrieked!  The rest of the weekend she just played with them…ahhh…how totally groovy!

I’m glad she is into the Groovy Girls – at least they are not Barbies or some other doll that tries to be well, just doesn’t give off a great message.  At least these do not have any anatomy underneath it all and they have a sweet face!

Speaking of sweet faces….I am doing fine.  Thanks.  A few more grey hairs are showing their ugly strands on my head…I am deciding whether or not to get them ungreyed…that may be a stop to my favorite color/cut guy in the entire universe while I’m visiting KC in March.  I’m due.

So – here is some of the sweet face that I’m sure you all are wanting to see…

These were taken at my friend Sparky’s store (Consigning Women).  The light was great there!



Smile for Sparky.


Lido – Baseball Cap Edition




The Maggie B


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