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Feeling lucky…

27 February, 2009

aren’t you…over the fact that this will be 3 days in a row where I’ve posted something.

Well, you can shove thate feeling aside because this is a RANT POST!!!

We started LiDo in daycare mid-November.  The following week Thanksgiving was coming along with a 2-week shutdown at my office in Dec/Jan so he was essentially there for 3 weeks prior to my office shutdown.  At this time he was going to daycare “part time” 3 days a week.

January…LiDo starts daycare 4 days a week and averages being in daycare for 36 hours a week.  I have been fairly happy with the situation mainly because he seems to really love it and the other kids really love him and it is a nice a loving environment.  However, there have been many times where I have felt that I was being questionned on my parenting.  I’ve tried shoving this aside and taking it as she is just letting me know what my son was up to during the day…but it always irks me in the end.  She is not only telling me what he was doing (because it seems to be always out of the norm) but she then starts prying into what we are doing and then gets the information and tells me how we should try this instead or that instead.  I find this all confusing because bottom line is – he eats when he is hungry, sleeps when he is tired, and is overall a very happy baby and we are lucky parents to have a child like this – and the fact that he is pretty damn consistent when he is with us.   Whenever he goes thru a growth spurt or is on the brink of some new fantastic feat…he gets a bit out of synch until he find the new rhythm he wants to tap his foot to.  This is fine by me but I have always gotten the impression that this is a travesty in her life.

I have also been inquiring whether or not she’ll have us just pay a flat rate…oh no…we have to pay for what we use AND pay for what we don’t use…even though we are considered part time…Okay – so I know that this is a typical way of doing things at a daycare.  However, when I was told at one point that we do have 1 week of vacation and tonight was told that was only if he was there 5 days a week…well fuck.

Bad on my part for not getting this in writing.  Bad on her part for being the worst communicator EVER!!!

I had a major blow-out with her tonight over this and have been crying off and on now for hours.  It isn’t the fact that we can’t pay this, although it does make me have to budget ONE MORE THING, if he is out sick or we do take a vacation BECAUSE I DO NOT GET PAID FOR MY TIME OFF, but it is the fact that I think that daycare facilities should take a hard look at what they are charging.  ESPECIALLY RIGHT NOW.  That and the fact that apparently we are the only ones that pay on time and pay in full, although she said we were late a couple of times…because I forgot my check book one time and paid the VERY NEXT MORNING when I dropped him off and the other time I paid her the very next morning as well because I didn’t want her going to my bank that night and cashing the check (like she has in the past) because I hadn’t transferred money over to that bill-pay account.

She and her family are in a bit of dire straights financially (aren’t we all right now) and I understand this and can understand need that money in the bank right now…

My main hang-up with daycare is this: I am a contractor.  I choose to be a contractor.  I choose to work for a company where I do not get paid time off or sick days but I do get a 401k and paid health benefits.  I understand that this is my choice (to some degree).  I budget when I take vacation and I prepare.  I would like to see daycare do the same thing.  After all…aren’t we paying them for this and acting, as a certain degree, as their employer (albeit paying emp. tax, etc. but hey I might think about that because of all the kick-backs from the government I could take right now…).

So, if I go under the assumption that pretty much I am their employer – why do they have us by the balls?

I can and have switched sides with her…and even though I don’t agree with the cost of daycare and the fact that I am paying for all the time I am there even if she allows a child with a fever to be there all day and then get my kid sick and I have to take off work to take care of him for 4 days but she still gets paid and I have to try and work from home as much as possible to make sure I have the income not only for myself but to pay her…I have a problem.

I think kids should get sick days at day care where we, as parents, do not have to pay.  Set it up like any employer…going both ways….I’m allotted x-amount of sick days a year and x-amount of vacation a year where I do not have to pay you.

Right now it makes me not even want to take one day off to go have fun with my kid because I am still having to pay a daycare…

It sucks.

But she has me by the balls on this because I have to work…

I knew something was amiss when I kept asking about it and felt like I was getting different answers.  Don’t get me wrong…I love him going there and that is why I am crying…because I don’t want to find another day care and I don’t want him to leave his little friends there.

And I would like for her to consider that I am more full-time than the 1 full-time child she has….and whip the other “part-timers” asses.


Happy Valentines Day…

25 February, 2009

Have you figured out life has just been going by in a big blur for us as of late? I know I haven’t posted much so you should feel lucky that I’m not tired by 10:30pm tonight and am feeling like a bit o blogging….

For Valentines (which I refuse to celebrate), I thought I was going to have the day to myself (with LiDo of course) but instead it turned out that Dodo wasn’t able to fly that day…ha….a Dodo not able to fly…

Anyway – we were invited to go to a winery for their V-Day wine tasting.  They were tasting a bottle that was the same type of wine that I purchased there the last time I went wine tasting only this was the 2007 and not the 2006…so I was intrigued especially since I hadn’t paid that much for a bottle of wine…ever…and wanted to see what the 07 tasted like.  It was delish but I definitely like my 06 bottle better although give the 07 a couple of more years and it will probably be better than my 06.  Geez, I sure do sound like I know something about wine.

Whatever.  I like what I like and you should to.

Dodo had never been to a “real” winery.  For those that know me you’ll remember the days of me managing a cockimaney winery in Missouri…that touted that it grew all of their grapes…ya right. I digress. Dodo was essentially a winery virgin so it was perfect that on V-day I got to pop his wine tasting cherry.

Since our friends were working the first tasting (giving tastes of wine to us poor schleps) he managed to drink a fair share.  Plus they had great chocolate.  So I ended up walking out with a hyped up but a weird mellow sort of guy.

By the way – we also had LiDo with us…figured we would start him young.

We headed to find a couple of more wineries and ended up at one where HOLY SHIT!  I just remembered that I still have the wine that I bought from that place in my trunk.  Now I know what has been rolling around in my trunk!  So we ended up at a winery that I had been to on my previous trip and bought several bottles on that trip and was down to zippo bottles at home – so it was a chance for me to buy some more.  Great stuff.

Then we headed to another that my friend Sparky was going to meet us at (did I mention that she lives in the area so she knows all the wineries and knows her wine).  They had a great spread and some great wines although I couldn’t afford to buy anything there but I’ll be going back when I can.  They made boutique wines – so you pay more but you also definitely get more out of it as well.

I should be a little more prepared with links to these places…I’ll do that later.  Hell, I forgot that I had a half case of wine in my trunk…and you want websites?

Enjoy the pics below:

I think that this was after my lecture on wine tasting etiquette.


Liam chillin’ out after the last winery…


Picture of the outside of the last winery…


Picture of the drive out of the last winery…


Happy baby pic….


Does a 5 month old understand time out?

24 February, 2009

This is a question posed by my husband not one minute ago.

LiDo has had some sort of virus which has caused him to break out in small little red bumps all over his body.  He has been running a fever off and on over the past few days, sleeps with us at night because we can’t lay him down unless we are right there next to him and has developed a few bad habits.

Granted, before he got sick, he started figuring out his voice and that the louder he got the more attention he received (or at least attention that very split second)…so when he didn’t feel to great – he used this constantly.  I have a sore neck, back and really just an entirely sore body from having him sleep on me, by me and near me for the past 5 days so that this scream would not come out of his tiny little body.  At one point, I asked Dodo if he thought that there were ghosts in his room.  At another point, I thought about taking him to a Priest so an exorcism could be performed.

This child has been a dream for 5 months. Just cool to hang out. Cries when hungry or tired – nothing like what has been happening the past few days.

Granted, I know he hasn’t felt the greatest but seriously..I’m drained.


So it has been about an hour since I wrote the above and oh how life can change in one hour…This demon child that I was telling you about, well, he has gone back to his hell-hole and left me with my perfect, happy, giggling, full of energy child.  Thank god!


We’ve been trying out some new foods, which has given us plenty of laughs:



Here is where he takes control possibly thinking it will taste better:





Mom’s turn again…


Last bite…


First bite another night…a face of distrust….


5 Months

16 February, 2009

My Darling LiDo,

Tonight as I as you fell asleep in my arms I thought “no way is this child 5 months old today”….but alas, it is true.  So many things have happened this past month of your life.  We ushered in a new President – the first African-American President.  We have seen the economy tank even more.  People losing their jobs right and left…things that I hope you do not have to go through when you have your own children (if you decide to have any).

In your big world things are also changing.  You have been introduced to bananas, which you do not like, and to sweet potatoes, which you do not like.  I am hoping this does not become a theme.  After all, when I would dream about having kids and how they would grow up – being a picky eater was not part of it.  It has given us countless minutes of laughter at your expense though…the thing about it is that I can’t even hide it in your bland cereal…no matter how diluted I make it.

You are rolling everywhere you would like to be so the baby-proofing of the house has started (somewhat).  You are scrunching up your legs underneath you and propelling yourself forward, which is quite hysterical.  I know you’ll get those arms going here soon and figure out that the two sets of limbs work well together.  I’d like that day to be a bit further off though.  We have introduced you to the sippy cup which you love and you have at least one meal using that.  You are so good about grabbing it and usually get it in your mouth the first try – unless you get really excited and then the nose usually gets it.  We decided it was best to get you your own glass that you could hold since you do not give up grabbing for my water glass and have managed to drink out of it on several occassions.

You are a sweet sweet boy.  You laugh and smile and have started reaching for me when I walk into a room…the moment I think every mother dreams of having.  You love to laugh and play with your Daddy.  You grab his beard and just giggle and giggle.  The two of you play airplane and make funny noises at each other.  It is nice to see that interaction between you and him.

As you were falling asleep in my arms tonight, I sat staring at you.  Your long eyelashes and little bow mouth and I thought that you are just the most beautiful thing that ever was.  I love you my LiDo.

Your Mom.

Lido and Panda Edition

5 February, 2009

Happy Thursday….