5 Months

My Darling LiDo,

Tonight as I as you fell asleep in my arms I thought “no way is this child 5 months old today”….but alas, it is true.  So many things have happened this past month of your life.  We ushered in a new President – the first African-American President.  We have seen the economy tank even more.  People losing their jobs right and left…things that I hope you do not have to go through when you have your own children (if you decide to have any).

In your big world things are also changing.  You have been introduced to bananas, which you do not like, and to sweet potatoes, which you do not like.  I am hoping this does not become a theme.  After all, when I would dream about having kids and how they would grow up – being a picky eater was not part of it.  It has given us countless minutes of laughter at your expense though…the thing about it is that I can’t even hide it in your bland cereal…no matter how diluted I make it.

You are rolling everywhere you would like to be so the baby-proofing of the house has started (somewhat).  You are scrunching up your legs underneath you and propelling yourself forward, which is quite hysterical.  I know you’ll get those arms going here soon and figure out that the two sets of limbs work well together.  I’d like that day to be a bit further off though.  We have introduced you to the sippy cup which you love and you have at least one meal using that.  You are so good about grabbing it and usually get it in your mouth the first try – unless you get really excited and then the nose usually gets it.  We decided it was best to get you your own glass that you could hold since you do not give up grabbing for my water glass and have managed to drink out of it on several occassions.

You are a sweet sweet boy.  You laugh and smile and have started reaching for me when I walk into a room…the moment I think every mother dreams of having.  You love to laugh and play with your Daddy.  You grab his beard and just giggle and giggle.  The two of you play airplane and make funny noises at each other.  It is nice to see that interaction between you and him.

As you were falling asleep in my arms tonight, I sat staring at you.  Your long eyelashes and little bow mouth and I thought that you are just the most beautiful thing that ever was.  I love you my LiDo.

Your Mom.

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One Comment on “5 Months”

  1. javagirl Says:

    I think I was half asleep when I wrote this…it doesn’t make much sense. Sorry kid. I’ll do better next month.

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