Does a 5 month old understand time out?

This is a question posed by my husband not one minute ago.

LiDo has had some sort of virus which has caused him to break out in small little red bumps all over his body.  He has been running a fever off and on over the past few days, sleeps with us at night because we can’t lay him down unless we are right there next to him and has developed a few bad habits.

Granted, before he got sick, he started figuring out his voice and that the louder he got the more attention he received (or at least attention that very split second)…so when he didn’t feel to great – he used this constantly.  I have a sore neck, back and really just an entirely sore body from having him sleep on me, by me and near me for the past 5 days so that this scream would not come out of his tiny little body.  At one point, I asked Dodo if he thought that there were ghosts in his room.  At another point, I thought about taking him to a Priest so an exorcism could be performed.

This child has been a dream for 5 months. Just cool to hang out. Cries when hungry or tired – nothing like what has been happening the past few days.

Granted, I know he hasn’t felt the greatest but seriously..I’m drained.


So it has been about an hour since I wrote the above and oh how life can change in one hour…This demon child that I was telling you about, well, he has gone back to his hell-hole and left me with my perfect, happy, giggling, full of energy child.  Thank god!


We’ve been trying out some new foods, which has given us plenty of laughs:



Here is where he takes control possibly thinking it will taste better:





Mom’s turn again…


Last bite…


First bite another night…a face of distrust….


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One Comment on “Does a 5 month old understand time out?”

  1. sa rah Says:

    look at THOSE CHEEKS!!!! i want to lightly pinch them and make stupid sounds that convey my delight in the chubby cheeks of glee.
    ok, it’s 4 a.m. and i’m waiting on work stuff so that’s part of my silliness but i really do love the cheeks. when they start eating solids they can get the cutest little chubby chub chubbiest cheeks.

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