Happy Valentines Day…

Have you figured out life has just been going by in a big blur for us as of late? I know I haven’t posted much so you should feel lucky that I’m not tired by 10:30pm tonight and am feeling like a bit o blogging….

For Valentines (which I refuse to celebrate), I thought I was going to have the day to myself (with LiDo of course) but instead it turned out that Dodo wasn’t able to fly that day…ha….a Dodo not able to fly…

Anyway – we were invited to go to a winery for their V-Day wine tasting.  They were tasting a bottle that was the same type of wine that I purchased there the last time I went wine tasting only this was the 2007 and not the 2006…so I was intrigued especially since I hadn’t paid that much for a bottle of wine…ever…and wanted to see what the 07 tasted like.  It was delish but I definitely like my 06 bottle better although give the 07 a couple of more years and it will probably be better than my 06.  Geez, I sure do sound like I know something about wine.

Whatever.  I like what I like and you should to.

Dodo had never been to a “real” winery.  For those that know me you’ll remember the days of me managing a cockimaney winery in Missouri…that touted that it grew all of their grapes…ya right. I digress. Dodo was essentially a winery virgin so it was perfect that on V-day I got to pop his wine tasting cherry.

Since our friends were working the first tasting (giving tastes of wine to us poor schleps) he managed to drink a fair share.  Plus they had great chocolate.  So I ended up walking out with a hyped up but a weird mellow sort of guy.

By the way – we also had LiDo with us…figured we would start him young.

We headed to find a couple of more wineries and ended up at one where HOLY SHIT!  I just remembered that I still have the wine that I bought from that place in my trunk.  Now I know what has been rolling around in my trunk!  So we ended up at a winery that I had been to on my previous trip and bought several bottles on that trip and was down to zippo bottles at home – so it was a chance for me to buy some more.  Great stuff.

Then we headed to another that my friend Sparky was going to meet us at (did I mention that she lives in the area so she knows all the wineries and knows her wine).  They had a great spread and some great wines although I couldn’t afford to buy anything there but I’ll be going back when I can.  They made boutique wines – so you pay more but you also definitely get more out of it as well.

I should be a little more prepared with links to these places…I’ll do that later.  Hell, I forgot that I had a half case of wine in my trunk…and you want websites?

Enjoy the pics below:

I think that this was after my lecture on wine tasting etiquette.


Liam chillin’ out after the last winery…


Picture of the outside of the last winery…


Picture of the drive out of the last winery…


Happy baby pic….


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