Feeling lucky…

aren’t you…over the fact that this will be 3 days in a row where I’ve posted something.

Well, you can shove thate feeling aside because this is a RANT POST!!!

We started LiDo in daycare mid-November.  The following week Thanksgiving was coming along with a 2-week shutdown at my office in Dec/Jan so he was essentially there for 3 weeks prior to my office shutdown.  At this time he was going to daycare “part time” 3 days a week.

January…LiDo starts daycare 4 days a week and averages being in daycare for 36 hours a week.  I have been fairly happy with the situation mainly because he seems to really love it and the other kids really love him and it is a nice a loving environment.  However, there have been many times where I have felt that I was being questionned on my parenting.  I’ve tried shoving this aside and taking it as she is just letting me know what my son was up to during the day…but it always irks me in the end.  She is not only telling me what he was doing (because it seems to be always out of the norm) but she then starts prying into what we are doing and then gets the information and tells me how we should try this instead or that instead.  I find this all confusing because bottom line is – he eats when he is hungry, sleeps when he is tired, and is overall a very happy baby and we are lucky parents to have a child like this – and the fact that he is pretty damn consistent when he is with us.   Whenever he goes thru a growth spurt or is on the brink of some new fantastic feat…he gets a bit out of synch until he find the new rhythm he wants to tap his foot to.  This is fine by me but I have always gotten the impression that this is a travesty in her life.

I have also been inquiring whether or not she’ll have us just pay a flat rate…oh no…we have to pay for what we use AND pay for what we don’t use…even though we are considered part time…Okay – so I know that this is a typical way of doing things at a daycare.  However, when I was told at one point that we do have 1 week of vacation and tonight was told that was only if he was there 5 days a week…well fuck.

Bad on my part for not getting this in writing.  Bad on her part for being the worst communicator EVER!!!

I had a major blow-out with her tonight over this and have been crying off and on now for hours.  It isn’t the fact that we can’t pay this, although it does make me have to budget ONE MORE THING, if he is out sick or we do take a vacation BECAUSE I DO NOT GET PAID FOR MY TIME OFF, but it is the fact that I think that daycare facilities should take a hard look at what they are charging.  ESPECIALLY RIGHT NOW.  That and the fact that apparently we are the only ones that pay on time and pay in full, although she said we were late a couple of times…because I forgot my check book one time and paid the VERY NEXT MORNING when I dropped him off and the other time I paid her the very next morning as well because I didn’t want her going to my bank that night and cashing the check (like she has in the past) because I hadn’t transferred money over to that bill-pay account.

She and her family are in a bit of dire straights financially (aren’t we all right now) and I understand this and can understand need that money in the bank right now…

My main hang-up with daycare is this: I am a contractor.  I choose to be a contractor.  I choose to work for a company where I do not get paid time off or sick days but I do get a 401k and paid health benefits.  I understand that this is my choice (to some degree).  I budget when I take vacation and I prepare.  I would like to see daycare do the same thing.  After all…aren’t we paying them for this and acting, as a certain degree, as their employer (albeit paying emp. tax, etc. but hey I might think about that because of all the kick-backs from the government I could take right now…).

So, if I go under the assumption that pretty much I am their employer – why do they have us by the balls?

I can and have switched sides with her…and even though I don’t agree with the cost of daycare and the fact that I am paying for all the time I am there even if she allows a child with a fever to be there all day and then get my kid sick and I have to take off work to take care of him for 4 days but she still gets paid and I have to try and work from home as much as possible to make sure I have the income not only for myself but to pay her…I have a problem.

I think kids should get sick days at day care where we, as parents, do not have to pay.  Set it up like any employer…going both ways….I’m allotted x-amount of sick days a year and x-amount of vacation a year where I do not have to pay you.

Right now it makes me not even want to take one day off to go have fun with my kid because I am still having to pay a daycare…

It sucks.

But she has me by the balls on this because I have to work…

I knew something was amiss when I kept asking about it and felt like I was getting different answers.  Don’t get me wrong…I love him going there and that is why I am crying…because I don’t want to find another day care and I don’t want him to leave his little friends there.

And I would like for her to consider that I am more full-time than the 1 full-time child she has….and whip the other “part-timers” asses.

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3 Comments on “Feeling lucky…”

  1. Lauren Says:

    I can say from experience in day care that when a child isn’t on a strict routine it can be frustrating. Many parents aren’t as free flowing as you and will give day care workers a strict schedule to follow. Don’t get me wrong, I think your doing it the right way! In my humble, don’t have my own child, opinion kids don’t need a “schedule” until they are at least 18 mos; they just change too fast to set anything in stone. You keep doing what you know is best for your kiddo and tell her to take her parenting advice and poor communication skills and bugger off 🙂

    On top of that if her stories keep changing she’s probably trying to hide something from you, probably something she knows isn’t right.

  2. Tea~ Says:

    I think it is also fair to ask her for a contract for now and going further. “Or else you’ll be shopping for another care provider”. Her business, her responsibility. Let’s see how badly she needs your ontime/full payment. =)

  3. sa rah Says:

    Yeah it sucks to have to pay when your kid isn’t there. You never get over that feeling that you’re being screwed, in my experience anyway. I’m with Tea on the contract thing though – ESPECIALLY because you mention the allowing other kids with fevers to come to daycare and getting your kid sick. I would a) ask her for a COPY of her written sick child policy B) when she says she doesn’t have one, start the convo about a contract where the terms are mutually agreed upon and you have more room to negotiate and she can actually sign off of stuff instead of just telling you whatever she wants on whatver day you’re asking her x question. Talk to Maggie too! She was ALWAYS great with Roman when he went there. And the schedule thing — I’m telling you that each kid is different. Ro had ZERO inkling of a schedule and still doesn’t if I don’t force one on him. He would literally never take a nap and stay up til 1 am regularly. Bebe is like clockwork and has been from the end of her first month. In bed at 7:30 or so. LiDo probably isn’t innately a schedule type of kid — especially in this young stage, who can say for sure — and you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing on that if he’s happy, well-fed and healthy.

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