Daycare Update

We found another…and after only 1 day both Dodo and I commented on the fact that he seemed to have a different attitude this evening…in a good way.

We can’t quite figure out what the change is since he is a happy baby in general and has been a happy baby but tonight we had less fussiness and more just go go go and laughing pretty much the whole time.

It was interesting to read the comments on my last post…yes, schedules are definitely important and I think that they are good but you have to find your child’s schedule first and then see if you can mold it around a schedule that will work for you as well.  Plus, especially at his age, you have to be willing to have something good going 1 week and the next completely change it.  Having this attitude, well, this is why he is not in a corporate-type daycare.  LiDo has had a pretty constant “schedule” since he was born and there have been tweaks, etc. through the past 5 months but the only thing that I am constant on is that he eats solid food at 6:30ish starts on down-time at 8 and is asleep by 8:30pm.  I don’t even do the same thing each night…i.e. bath every night, etc. (hell, the kid is lucky to get a bath once a week)….

Ahh – don’t you love the different sides of parenting.

Bottom line on the old babysitter…she gave me too much grief and wasn’t for us.  Unfortunately because I really think he loved the other little kids there.  Although there are some cuties at the new place.

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