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7 months…and a few days

21 April, 2009

My dearest darling child,

You are seven months old and 1 week today.  The reason that I am just now writing to you a week later than normal is because you have decided to just grow up.

It seems that since you were able to experience sticking your toes in sand for the first time you have decided that you need to become Mobile. Mobile with a capital M. Actually it should probably be all caps, bolded, highlighted, underlined, strikethrough, amortized, uplifted, generally anything that you may do to a word – it should be done to this one.  You’ve been doing the whole scoot thing for quite a while but not too long ago you decided to crawl for the first time and that was just a thrill.  Then you decided that the whole sticking your butt up in the air and doing a handstand wasn’t quite what you were going for – I figure that you were just checking out your legs and the fact that they didn’t have to be in a bent position but indeed could be straight – and you decided that you were going to surprise Mommy one morning and be standing in your crib.  The look on your face was priceless.  I’m sure the look on my was equally priceless.  You were so terribly proud of yourself and full of smile (but then again – you are rarely without a smile or laugh).  Ever since then – you have been unstoppable. You even managed to climb a stair and are wondering if you could go the length of our staircase….please don’t.

Recently we had an outting to the park during a nice warm and sunny day where you reminded me to take a look and a big breath and remember that the things you are experiencing, you are experiencing for the first time.  It was refreshing to watch you dig your toes into the mud and feel the grass tickly your feet and go in between your chubby little toes.  You just stared and everything and grabbed everything and tried to eat everything and I stood there just wondering what you were thinking.  You have a look that says you are just trying to gobble up everything and put it to all corners of your brain…filing it away for future reference.  It makes me want to slow down life and just watch you and do nothing more.  It has a calming effect on me – makes me want to slow down so I don’t miss any of you – and I don’t miss watching you find things in this world.

You were born with such a happy personality and that certainly hasn’t changed. You are incredibly happy and full of laughs and giggles.  You are also a very determined little guy.  You see something you want and you just beeline for it.  There is no deterring you so we are slowly letting you just look and touch and feel whatever it is that you want.  It makes life a bit easier when child proofing the house for you would mean we get rid of everything and put bubble wrap on the walls, floor and ceiling. Energy abounds in your world and sometimes we think you are on crack and wish we could be as well.  You are constantly wanting to move and have definitely developped the times when you want to be left alone to play (early morning), the times when you want to be near us (when I’m getting ready of course) and the times when you are content to be crawling and crab walking around the living room playing but have us in your sights (evening).  I think if we let you you would just go, go, go…and never stop.  Thankfully you are good about your 8:30 bedtime (or 7:30 like tonight although you have been quite the energizer bunny the past 2 days so I’m not surprised).

For all of your laughs and smiles you have developped a piercing cry to let us know that whatever we are doing – you don’t want done – or we are not fast enough doing it.  We constantly have a bottle on standby because when you do slow your pace down and are hungry – you have no time to waste (this is to temper the not fast enough thing). And like tonight – you screached after I changed your diaper (since you fell asleep on me for 3 hours) and didn’t stop until I laid you down on our bed to make sure the diaper wasn’t cutting off circulation and you promptly turned over on your tummy and fell asleep letting me know that it wasn’t a diaper issue (this was the your not doing it right nor what I want moment).  I think we are getting everything figured out and hope that we are not damaging you too much.  But the way you go – I think we are going to need therapy – or crack – to keep us going!!

You are a wonderful gift, a happy baby and changing way too fast for me. I love this stage of you right now because it reminds me to slow down and look at the world a little differently.  With the stresses that are in our lives right now, it relaxes me and makes me have hope for the world and for our family when I look at the world through your window.  Even if it may be short little glimpes to catch the bluer sky or feel the cool breeze tickling my cheeks or the cool mud between my toes – it is those short little glimpses that make me take a deeper breath at work and have a calmer outlook on life.

You are my sunshine.


Your Mommy





First steps…to stepping…

5 April, 2009

Lido crawled for real today.

Not the ‘you’ll get your ass shot off’ army crawl.

Not the ‘launch myself to whatever it is that I want’ crawl.

But an honest to goodness crawl.

Dodo and I were watching him play on the living room floor and I looked down and out of the corner of my eye I thought that I saw him take a few “crawls”.  Dodo suddenly said that he thought he saw him crawl and so we both just sat there and stared.

And he did it again.

It was so awesome.

This was a big weekend for him.  He got to stick his little feet in the Pacific NW sand – no ocean this time as I didn’t want to get to close to the water.  I figured I’d freeze to death and drop him in…not taking that chance.

He was pretty funny with the sand.  Hated it at first and then decided he was okay with it and was trying to figure out how to throw it.  By the way – are boys just programmed to do these things?

Enjoy the pics.