First steps…to stepping…

Lido crawled for real today.

Not the ‘you’ll get your ass shot off’ army crawl.

Not the ‘launch myself to whatever it is that I want’ crawl.

But an honest to goodness crawl.

Dodo and I were watching him play on the living room floor and I looked down and out of the corner of my eye I thought that I saw him take a few “crawls”.  Dodo suddenly said that he thought he saw him crawl and so we both just sat there and stared.

And he did it again.

It was so awesome.

This was a big weekend for him.  He got to stick his little feet in the Pacific NW sand – no ocean this time as I didn’t want to get to close to the water.  I figured I’d freeze to death and drop him in…not taking that chance.

He was pretty funny with the sand.  Hated it at first and then decided he was okay with it and was trying to figure out how to throw it.  By the way – are boys just programmed to do these things?

Enjoy the pics.








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