2 Days…2 More

I can’t say I was the happiest person in the entire world when I was told that I was getting a paycut then 2 months later told that I could no longer bill for over 40 hours.  Then I wasn’t too happy about the prospect of not being able to bill over 32 hours every other week.  You see, employees got a paycut and also have a mandatory day off every other week…the work load is still there…for everyone.  I was saved from the last part, however, I’ve been having to work over 40 hrs in order to get some things done and accomplished…so I am not taking part in the every other week off thing…It happened to fall over this weekend which gave me a much deserved 4 day weekend.

The weather has been super fantastic. Yes, I said super and fantastic together….get over it.  When it rains for 9 months…I deserve to be able to use super fantastic as a descriptive.

LiDo and I have been running around and yes, I wanted the house cleaned and organized by this evening…I don’t think I’m going to get there.  Maybe. However, I hung new curtains in his room as well as rearranged a bit.  I did clean up the kitchen – a few times now – and I also got great deals on deck planters and a rose bush…each for $5.  So, I planted my little seedlings and replanted the rose bush with LiDo sitting in his bouncy outside on the deck.  It was really fun to listen to him gabble the afternoon away and just dig in the dirt.

I planted some seeds a bit over a month ago.  I can’t tell you what I planted.  I threw the packages away and didn’t write it down either. I think I like it that way.  I cleaned out the deck planters that I had from last year and just pretty much threw the seeds in each one…didn’t follow much of the directions regarding spacing due to the fact that it was being put into a planter and not the ground…replanted some of the bulbs I had from last year….didn’t know what they were either….and now…I have a nice start to some great flowers and hostas.

Typically I plant flowers that already have some blooms or are about ready to get there.  I must say – it has been so much more enjoyable planting the seeds and wondering if they will sprout, watching them slowly sprout, going out to them every day and getting excited to see them doing something!  I feel such a sense of accomplishment. A sense of newness. A slow anticipation that won’t kill me.

It is kind of strange, this feeling.  I mean, I did incubate a child for 9 months.  So, to feel such joy and anticipation from planting a few seeds…

I’m not sure about any of you but we here in the DoDo household are trying to cut back.  We are doing good at this in several areas…bad in others…and quite honestly, having flowers for our deck this summer did not make the budget list.  However, when I looked at a seed packet for $1…well, I decided I would “try it out”.  One of my main problems with all this cutting back is that quite honestly, I feel like I can’t have any fun or have the pleasure of something that I so enjoyed before (like planting flowers).  I am used to that instant gratification that money buys.

Instant gratification.  Isn’t that so much of what all of our purchases are about?  How many items have you purchased that gave you pleasure the first five minutes (that were not battery operated) and they are now sitting in your garage/basement/yard sale?  My $1 purchase of seeds has ended up bringing me 2 months of satisfaction, joy, pleasure and more than anything else the feeling of excitement for what may come next.

I’m thankful for my $1 seeds and my $5 rose bush.  Both have taught me that I don’t have to have the best or the most perfect.  All I need is something that I can work with, nurture, grow and along with that I have a bit more patience.

All things that help get us through the days.

With that thought in mind, I’m leaving the laundry, kitchen, bathroom to do when I can.  Otherwise, over the next two whole days, I’m nurturing my family and watching us grow together.  Putting some much needed water in the soil so to speak.

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