As far as I know I have survived another round of layoffs at work…I guess I shouldn’t be that surprised since I am on a project that is a ‘go’ in these times…but still…corporations do funny things sometimes.

Anyway – no talk about work.

We recently bought the Wii Active. And it promptly kicked my ass. And now I am trying to kick back at it…although I am a bit discouraged because in the past 7 days I have only taken 1 day off of not working out to the Wii Active or running and have lost ZIP!!!  What? I am getting older.  Before 30 – working out for 6 days straight would easily drop 10 lbs. I think for every year after 30…well…I think it takes that many months to lose it…I’m not gong to get discouraged yet. But seriously.

So Lido has been eating “real” food for quite some time and has now decided in the past few weeks that he is not really too happy with baby food any longer.  He has quite the appetite though which makes me need to get into gear about planning meals out a bit.  I don’t want to get into a rut of feeding him mac n cheese and hot dogs…He loves my frittata and quesidillas and goat cheese and havarti and I think I may need to get him to eat more fresh veggies versus what is in the frittata.  Although half the time those fresh veggies just slide right on through.

I’ll save all the rest of the little child discoveries for his 9 month later so you’ll be forced to come back and read my blog…

In other news…

I found something very interesting the other day but can’t think of what it is now.  Maybe I should start writing these items down or maybe it really wasn’t all that interesting and this is my mind’s way of telling me this.

I’ve got nothing. I think I’ll go work out.

Here is a picture to tide you over.

May2009 082

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