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10 Months

21 July, 2009

My Dearest Lido,

10 months. 6 teeth. 1 step away from walking. Past the point of no return.

You are a bugger. You definitely know what you want and if we would just follow suit I’m sure things would be just brilliant…however…it is hard for us to go from a dead sleep to up and running at 6am.  Please be patient with us while we try and adjust.  It will take me longer than your father.

1 step away from walking and I think you have decided that you are going to concentrate on trying to say dada and mama…although you got the dada part right off the bat. Whatever. I’m only counting talking when you say ‘Mama, I love you’. So nothing is in the records books yet….

Your personality is just wonderful. You are – yes I must say it yet again – you are a happy happy child.  You just crack us up in the mornings with your on-the-go attitude at 6am – well, sometimes you crack us up.  You love when we pull the covers over our head and all 3 of us sit there.  Well, your Daddy and I sit there and you roll, crawl, go from one side to the other giggling the whole time and just enthralled with this concept that we are in our own little world underneath the covers.

Sound discovery – that’s you. You have discovered that it is fun to make sounds on our shoulders and your arm which is so funny. You go up to your Daddy and start making all kinds of sounds – mimicking what he does – and it is so damn adorable. It is just amazing the things that you pick up on.

I can’t write anymore since you are crying to be finished with breaksfast…so I must leave this letter to be finished and added to next month.

I love you my little loud bugger.

Your Mom