Sitting here…

Sitting here watching (listening to) Food, Inc.

Probably not good to do. I used to be so into eating as much organic from local farmers, etc. when we were in Portland where quite frankly it was easier to do. Now in the midwest…a little harder. Kind of seems unbelievable right? Well, corn and beef and that’s about it. I am looking into some local farmers but I’m afraid that it would go to waste. My love of cooking has waned. It is hard to cook for one…LiDo is into mac n cheese and peas and hot dogs. I try my best. He did eat a veggie burger tonight. He hasn’t done that in a long time. He only ate half of it but I’ll call the half success. He loves fruit right now so I’m happy about that.

It is just depressing cooking for one. Cooking our old meals…the ones we enjoyed fixing together. It is amazing how grief and longing permeates every single thing that you do.

Like today…I took LiDo to the TRex Restaurant and he loved it but what was up with this afternoon being the day that every Dad took their kid out to lunch? Aren’t they still in school? No wives with them…just Dads and their kids – mostly boys. I thought by going on a Thursday would be ‘safe’. Guess not.

Well – I’m off to really watch this show and maybe it will get me to cook more and worry about what I’m eating and what LiDo is eating so we just stay in and eat at the house.

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