A week later…

Such a bright and sunny post last week. Then it bit me in the ass. Funny how these things work now. Feel like the sun is shining and then the storms set in once again.

This past week has been crap. Not all of it. I spent the day at the zoo with LiDo – ended up walking the entire – ENTIRE – zoo. I thought we would go for an hour or two…4 hours later…

The past few days though I haven’t been able to do much. LiDo keeps waking up during the night with dreams and so I ma not getting much sleep. It’s these really tired moments that I get into even more of a funk. I miss the partnership I had with Doug. In everything we did. If one was tired – the other did dinner. If both were tired…we got take-out and snuggled on the couch.

It just isn’t real.

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