Twenty Months…

My Dearest Lido,

You are twenty months old today…I can’t believe it. You are growing so quickly and changing so much that I keep telling myself that I need to write things down more as they happen. I don’t want to forget anything and I feel like I am not remembering all of your accomplishments over the month. There are so many!

Just yesterday you jumped and did it with both feet lifting off the ground! You were so proud of yourself that you kept doing it all over the house. Although, I think you got a little tired because it ended up being the one foot jumping which is cuter than hell and I didn’t mind watching you just do that. You chuckled and giggled every time. You are talking more and more and thankfully (THANKFULLY) the screaming that you have been doing has gone away for the most part. I thought I would go crazy before you got out of that phase. My eardrums are still healing. Hopefully writing this isn’t jinxing anything…

You are definitely an outdoor kid. We’ve been doing yard work going on now 3 weeks and you love being outside. It’s nice when we are in the back because you are corralled in…I need that. You’ve helped with mulch, mainly throwing it where I’d rather not have it but hey, you are helping in some way right? You love your little slide and have taken to jumping off the top of it instead of sliding down. At least you are sitting down on the top with your legs hung over the side prior to the ‘jump’ and I hope you don’t figure out that it would be so much cooler standing at the top and jumping off. You also found that it was a ton of fun sticking your head in the sprinkler…I’ve since started watering after you’ve gone to bed because there really is no stopping you. I let you do it every once in a while and get completely soaked with water and laughter. The first time you did it I just stood there with my mouth open not believing what I was seeing. It was just so silly and a thankful reminder of what it is like to be a kid. You do some of the silliest things that I cherish so much.

I had bought Yaya a little ‘car’ that you make go by moving the wheel from side to side…you love the thing  and have figured out how to work it to move…and then you’ve also figured out that it is so much cooler if you start at the top of the driveway by the garage and push off as hard as you can so that you are flying down the driveway. You’ve made it several times to the gate (thank god we have that gate across the drive) and several times you have hit a rock or steered weird and you have na few scrapes to show for it. You call them your doo doos…

You are in daycare again three days a week. You really like it. The dropping off is a teary situation still but picking you up is another thing. It is hard to get you to go. I love watching you because you feel right at home there and I think you really like interacting with the other kids. And I have art from you – which I’m framing – sorry for the embarrassment but I’m your Mom. I can frame any picture you make. We’ve been busy this month with some fun activities. We went to the zoo and to listen to a guy that plays kid’s music. You like doing those things but I think you love just being home and in the backyard. I want to take a trip with you this summer and am still trying to figure out what the best way to go is…drive or fly? I hate driving long trips and now that it is just you and me…I think we’ll fly!

My babe, you are growing into a very smart and loving young boy. There are many many times that I long for your Dad to be here to see all of these things you are doing. He was always so engaged with you and found you fascinating.He always lit up when he saw you and when it was you and him – the rest of the world stopped. It is unfair that he is not here to be with you and with me. I just hope that I’m doing an okay job. I just wish you could be around his smile, his humor, his way of doing things. To be the son that he loved to father. He loves you so much babe. I love you so much.

Keep growing into the strong young boy you are becoming. Always remember that you had a Father that loved everything about you, always put you and I first, would have loved seeing the changes in you the past several months and those to come. Remember that you also have a Mom who loves you dearly and tries her hardest, loves watching you grow and learn, loves your chocolate kisses and your hugs and will always be here for you.

I love you my little one.

Your Mom

Superman of the slide!

Below is you sticking your head in the sprinkler…

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