Two days ago I was off to a meeting in a part of town that I never go to. It’s not my area. Not my part of town. I think the last time I had been over there was to meet a cake designer for our wedding. Doug was with me. That was over 5 years ago. Monday, though, I was back there – across the street actually from where we had met the cake lady. I was going to a meeting to discuss setting up a charitable foundation in memory of my husband. In memory of Doug. Strange.

As I was getting out of the car, I heard this woman say to me ‘where did you get those shoes’…I was standing next to my car looking at my reflection in one of the windows and fixing my fly away hair when I hear this and turned and looked at who this was coming from. As I turn, I freeze. She freezes. Then she starts screaming my name. Runs over to me and hugs me. She was a girl I knew in high school. I haven’t seen her since. I couldn’t believe she was standing there and that we had met back up again. Strange.

I was running late to the meeting I was going to but then I just couldn’t leave her side. In probably under 5 minutes with 16 years of life accumulated since the last time we saw each other, the fact that my husband had died recently and that she has epilepsy and has had a stroke and brain surgery came out. Strange.

I got her cell number and we had lunch today. A four hour lunch.

We talked about our stories. The ones that changed our future, our life. The ones that we had no choice in.

We talked about how lonely it was. We talked about how hard it was. We talked about how great of actors we had become. We talked about how we have become such different people.

We talked.

About everything.

We talked about things that I don’t write about because no one would understand or maybe take offense to it. We talked about things that we don’t talk about freely with other people. It felt good to talk to someone whose words were similar or familiar to my own. I told her that talking to her brought me more comfort than talking to other widows. We do not have similar situations, but we both were set on a similar path to a certain extent… We ended up in a world and a reality that we did not choose. And with that comes so many similar things.

For brief moments of time today, I have felt that there is something beyond this life. That there is something greater than ourselves. Not something that governs our future or makes a destiny for us. But something that is out there that comes to us when we need it. Looking at all the things that had to happen for us to be at that one location that neither one of us would have been unless we had one specific thing to do and for us to schedule those items at a time when we would have overlapped – one leaving one arriving – small decisions while driving there, or staying a little later than anticipated…Strange. Amazing.

That moment and the afternoon talking, made me open up my soul a little bit. Made me start to believe again. Made me start to think that there is something. Made me start to look around me a little more for other signs. Signs that I have maybe been missing these past almost 9 months. Or maybe I haven’t and they are just coming around to me again. Either way.


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