365 days of posts

December 1st. That is when it will start.

Mainly because I’d like to see where I have gone this time next year. If I have the same dreaded sense of Christmas creeping up on me. If I have the same broken heart that I have now or if it is on the mend. I know where I have been. I know where I am. I sit in the depths of hell right now. I’ve been thinking that this year is a time for reflection, changes, growth, grieving to the fullest and beginning to love and laugh – truly.

Maybe this is just my way to steer clear of a psychologist telling me the ‘steps’ that I need to go through. I think I’ll do it my own way. I haven’t lost that…

So I’m thinking that each month will bring a theme to explore. To dive into. I’ll think more today about that and get my list going…my personal steps to creating this new life. One that includes the past and everything that went with it. Good and bad.

Have ideas for themes? Let me know.

Path to closure? Never. Path to healing? Possibly.

This time next year I’ll let you know.

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