Being present with what is.

or facing the pain.

Starting in a couple of days…this is my intention. To face the pain and be present with what is.

It was a hard decision to make, however, I am doing it in my typical fashion – right now, when it feels completely right and in a short period of time because I don’t like to linger or wait. I’m taking 5 days for myself. Those days will be filled with meditation, grief counseling, spirituality, massage and just some time for myself.

I’m not necessarily looking forward to it but at the same time I am not not looking forward to it. If it gives some clarity, some time to for me to be with my thoughts and not adding ‘filler’ to every waking moment, then I embrace these five days completely. I’d like to come back feeling a little lighter. Feeling Doug a little more. Feeling that there is really something out there. Finding my spirituality once again. Knowing that I will not find him in the flesh but will find him in life.

I’ve yet to decide if I will share these experiences. I do think I’ll keep a daily journal of the experience – and maybe I’ll share.

After all, being vulnerable is being connected to life.

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