We’ve been sick around here lately. Sick a lot. I think that we’ve spent most of our last two months sick. I’m tired of being sick. It makes me sit and be quiet and miss him and realize that he is gone.

1 year, 5 months and 1 week. Living without him.

This last round all started on Valentines Day. Go figure. It really isn’t a ‘holiday’ that Doug and I really ever celebrated. Well, actually, he did. He would get me a card and some flowers. I would feel guilty and get him a card as well. I wish I could tell him that I actually really liked this about him. That boyish romance.

After he died, I found several cards I had just stashed away in a drawer. I keep them around and out to read on the holidays. To pretend that he is still here. To see his handwriting and hear his voice through his written words. To feel his love.



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