2 years 8 months

My Darling Lido,

The best thing that has happened in the past few weeks, the past few days, was when you were playing in the sunroom and looked up at me with a great big smile and said ‘Momom, I’m happy’.

It brought a few tears to my eyes. I wonder all of the time if things are going well for you. I wonder if you are happy because I feel so unhappy so much of the time. But there you were – letting me know with that big smile of yours and your wonderful eyes…that you are happy.

You have another two weeks of school left and then a week off before you start their summer program. Your only going three days a week and I’m a little nervous about that one. I’m just not used to being a full time, all the time, parent. But I think our summer will be filled with a lot of fun.

Changes are happening every day with you. You are still such an amazing little boy. You had mini-olympics at your school the other day and since it wasn’t your normal day to attend we got there after normal school time. You needed to go to the bathroom and led me to where you needed to go. You followed the little path they have on the floor for you little ones to remember where to go and you marched right into the boys bathroom, pulled up a stool in front of the urinal, did your business. Pulled another stool in front of the sink, washed your hands and walked so tall and proud out of there. I was so proud of you. You did it all by yourself and were so utterly sure of yourself as well.

As I watched you walk back to your classroom, I noticed once again, you walk like your Daddy. It’s pretty cute. You have so many mannerisms that he had and I think that you are going to be a lefty as well. You are doing so well in this new school it is amazing. You are learning about insects this month and the other day launched in unexpectedly into how a caterpillar goes into a cocoon and turns into a butterfly. Then you just walked off and did something else. You and C were playing on the floor the other evening with your blocks and he started counting them out and then stopped for you to fill in the next number. You said the number then he said the next then you then him…you counted all the way up to 15 by every other number. We both looked at each other amazed.

You still enjoy our runs and have stopped yelling at me to run or walk at different times. You like our evenings outside and play and play and play. You ride your y-bike off of the patio onto the driveway at full speed now…much to my dismay. But you land it every time. You’ve been testing that one for a while so I know you have it down pat.

As I was taking a 7ft. painting up the stairs, I hit it on the wall and out came “oh shit” from my mouth. I reached the top of the stairs and you were following close behind and I heard you say in your sweet little voice “oh shit” quite casually. So I guess I need to start watching my mouth. At least I don’t say fuck a lot anymore…although I do miss using it in my everyday vocabulary.

I love you so dearly and so much little one.

In this life and the next,

Your Momom

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