Father’s Day 2

My Dearest,

Happy Father’s Day. Of course, like with any other day, I would like for you to be here in the flesh to enjoy this day and I hope you are looking down on us and know how much you are loved.

I remember when I found out I was pregnant – New Year’s Day. I came down to you and showed you the stick and your reaction wasn’t quite what I expected. You didn’t want to believe it, as we had so many disappointments trying to get pregnant, and wanted no excitement until we went to the Dr. to confirm. It was the first time that I saw how hard all of this had been on you over the years. The cycle of  disappointment, elation and disappointment. I remember sitting on your lap and wrapping my arms around you and whispering in your ear ‘baby, this time, I know it is fine. I can feel it’. I look back on that moment and I am not sure if I ever told you how much I loved you for the fact that you never let on how much you were going through internally. You were my rock through all of this and said nothing of your own pain. You listened to mine over and over again, held me and told me it would happen. This was you and I am so very grateful and my heart is filled with my love for you.

I think that I did finally convince you to get excited that night but it took a lot of effort. On New Year’s Day – you learned that you were going to be a Dad.

And what a great Dad you were. You were so completely excited and wrapped up in your son’s life. You talked to him all throughout the pregnancy and the first moment I started to feel him wiggle around in my belly – you were there talking to him and he responded and you could get my belly to look quite alien because he would follow your voice…I spent many an evening being completely lop-sided…

I really don’t know what else to say, other than we miss you terribly and will love you forever.

Happy Father’s Day babe.

I love you.

In this life and the next.


September 16 – Your Father’s Day.

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