35 Months

My Dearest Lido,

I’ve been doing a crap-ass job in keeping up with these monthly letters to you…Not on time but I’m here and there is so much to say.

First, I absolutely and completely love you. You are so utterly amazing and kind and loving. You have the most brilliant smile which is contagious. You are thoughtful, funny and you have an ease about you. The universe gave you to me for a reason.

Second, you are changing so utterly fast. I look at you and can barely remember my life without you. Your Dad and I used to say that when you came – you just fit. We didn’t have to adjust (other than the lack of sleep). We just fell right into it all – all of us. Including you.

School has started for you and you are loving it. I’m so thankful to have found this place for you. You love learning and come home with new things each day. We are carpooling with a friend a few days a week, which is really nice, and I think you like being able to pick up your friend and have them pick you up. This year I decided to have you in school all week…but I really do miss our Friday Momom and Lido days…After the summer, I really do miss having you here with me. It is easier shopping and getting things done around the house goes much quicker. However, I miss you during the day. We’ll see if you continue with being at school all 5 days…although you do have a LOT of time off! It may even out. I just want you to know though, that I do miss you.

You are starting to ‘read’ your books. You have a couple of them memorized and it is just too cute and wonderful to hear you reading in bed. You still think you know everything and I don’t see that changing much over the years…and sometimes it makes for something funny. The other day you asked me what ‘that’ was and I said it is a globe. You said: “no it’s not it’s a glope”. You were quite adamant about the fact that it was a glope and not a globe. Lately you are asking me what things are and then answering before I can answer you – showing me how much you really know. It’s almost like a small little stepping stone – you used to ask because you didn’t know, now you ask because you want me to know that you do indeed know.

Every night as of late, after we read a book, you ask me to tell you about your Dad. Sometimes it is a long story, other times, just a small thought that may come to me about him. You do miss him.

We are doing okay kid. Every day brings something that is a reminder of the unfairness of it all. It is unfair for you, for me & for your Dad. You seem wise beyond your few years and I wish that I could take all of this away and give you your family back. Give you what you deserve, what we deserve. However, we are here. Just you and me. And we’ll make the best of it…

Your birthday is coming up and we are having a small party this weekend. I asked you today what you would like for your birthday and you said ‘snacks’. We talked yesterday about taking cupcakes to your classroom for your birthday so you are thinking food…and then I asked what kind of present you wanted. I think I’ll get you one of those skateboard things with handles. You rocked on it at your Grandpa’s house so that’s what your getting this year. Your outgrowing the Y-bike and I was thinking about getting you a regular bike or maybe a 3 wheel bike of some sort…We’ll see.

I love you my sweet.

In this life and the next,

Your Momom

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