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My Spiderman

30 July, 2012

Lido is home for the next three weeks. No school, no summer camp – just home with me.

I’m glad he did do 3 days a week at summer camp for a few weeks as he made some new friends, friends from our neighborhood and another little bestie. We had a play date with Z the other day and boy did these kids have fun. We met at a park then afterwards they invited us to their house for some lunch and some frisbee and rockets in the yard. It was a blast and I got to meet a couple of really great people and get to know them better.

Leaving was disastrous…Lido and Z both just lost it. A combination of being tired and I believe the thought that THEY WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO GET TOGETHER AGAIN…funny how three year old minds work! They both just screamed, kicked, cried and Lido even started to run away from me when I tried getting him in the car. It freaked me out so I turned away from him and told him I was leaving – that sent him running after me, screaming….ugh. I usually don’t do this but I had no idea how to get him to listen to me – he had crazy eyes going on and I was so afraid he would just lose it and run out into traffic or across a driveway with a car coming down the drive.

We got home and of course he wanted nothing to do with a nap…so it was early bed time later on. We laid down in his bed a little bit and just talked. At one point he looked at me and said ‘I like just talking’. Then I asked him about his play-date and he said he really loved it and then tears started streaming down his face, he started sobbing and trying to talk at the same time and pretty much told me that he loved everything except that I made him leave and then I think he said something about the fact that I said I was leaving.

Add some money to the psych account.

Some of the hard parts of doing play-dates where the dad is involved…Lido starts missing Doug. A few nights ago at dinner, out of the blue he said ‘when I get bigger my Dad will come back’.

Ya, how do you respond to that?

Then after the play-date he kept saying how much he missed his Dad. I’m thinking this is just going to get harder and harder.

He’s a smart, cool kid though – he’ll make it. He’ll find his way and I’ll find a way to help him.

This morning he insisted on wearing his spiderman costume “all day”. So, we headed out to get some coffee, muffin and read a book at our favorite coffee shop and from the moment I locked the door to when we pulled up to the coffee shop I was convinced that he would ask to go back home and change. 

But he didn’t. And I loved it.

He surprised me today. The usually shy little boy who doesn’t want anyone to look at him let alone talk to him – wore his spiderman costume out in public.

And he was cool with it…